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Why Choose Organic?

Top 5 Reasons To Buy Organic

1. No GMOs or Pesticides: By becoming Certified Organic, we vow not to use any Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs), Pesticides, Herbicides, or Insecticides on our crops. This creates healthier soil, and a safer environment for our animals and ourselves.

2. Biodiversity: Our organic farming practices create biodiversity on our land. This is achieved by using planting methods, such as cover crops, to pull essential nutrients into our crops without the use of harmful additives that strip the soil of its beneficial elements.

3. Reduced Energy Usage: A study by the Rodale Institute found that organic farming uses significantly less energy per hectare than conventional farming does. Conventional farming typically uses a large amount of synthetically produced nitrogen fertilizer, which requires fuel to manufacture and ship. On our farm, we use manure from our cattle to provide nitrogen to the soil, which greatly reduces our energy footprint.

4. Certified Organic: Unlike farms and products claiming to be "natural," our organic farming practices are backed by the approval of the USDA and the Midwest Organic Services Organization. Don’t be fooled by the term "natural" because any farm that grows a plant from the ground can call its crops "natural," regardless of how many GMOs and pesticides are used. Only farms that have been certified by a third-party after 3 years of USDA standard compliance can use the term "organic."

5. We Care: We truly care about the health of our soil, lands, and animals, which is why we are dedicated to only growing organic crops that can help keep your animals healthy too. We personally touch every bale of hay and every bag of corn before it leaves our farm so we can ensure that our products live up to the quality that you expect from Certified Organic feed. 


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