Top 10 Reasons To Buy

  1. Angus Beef from our herd of Red Angus cows

  2. Single Source - Animals are raised from birth to finish on farm

  3. Grass Raised - Animals are raised on primarily grass, with small amounts of grain added to increase marbling and flavor

  4. Animals are fed balanced Mineral Supplements, including kelp, to enhance nutrient density in the meat

  5. Locally Grown on a family farm in Western WI

  6. Farm is owned and operated by a Licensed Veterinarian, which ensures all animals are well taken care of and Ethically Treated

  7. No Antibiotics, Implants, Hormones or Growth Promotants

  8. All animals are raised with access to Pasture with plenty of area to roam

  9. All meat is processed at Federally Inspected Processing Facility

  10. Meat is packed and shipped in Vacuum Sealed transparent plastic packages that are individually weighed and labeled for resale