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Our Story

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The name "Flowing River Farm" comes from the natural currents of the Trempealeau River and Muir creek that flow through our property. The homestead of Flowing River Farm currently sits on 220 acres in the beautiful Buffalo County area of western Wisconsin. We also rent two new properties from relatives, which has added another 110 acres of organic cropland to our farming operation. All three farms have been converted to certified organic for crop production. We currently grow an assortment of organic-certified crops, including: corn, alfalfa, Timothy hay, oats, barley, winter wheat and other cover crops.

We have adopted a natural approach to our livestock production. Along with the cropland, we have a beef cattle operation that consists of Shorthorn and Red Angus cows. We also sell cattle, lambs and goats as natural meat. Our wool comes from our flock of sheep with breeds of Lincoln, Dorset, North Country Cheviot, and Ill de France. Our farm is also home to geese, cats, dog, domestic ducks, hens, and a horse. We have a backyard apple orchard, and multiple flower gardens that really brighten up the farm come summer.

Tom and I both grew up on farms and have been in touch with farming actively all our lives. Tom's late-parents, Roy and Verna Roskos, bought the home-farm in 1944. They milked Holstein cows until 1964. The farm, itself, was the site of a former wheat mill that included a mill pond to drive the grindstone. The original mill was lost in a fire, but was replaced years later with a smaller storage building. This building became the original Trap Shack , which sparked the creation of our other business, Trap Shack Company. A farm on an adjacent property was purchased in 1990, which more than doubled the size of Flowing River Farm, and currently provides a large portion of our crop and marsh land.

My roots run deep into the earth and wrap around the sacredness of Spirituality, soil, and positive energy. Together, Tom and I blend a bubbling mixture of medicine, soil, animals, serenity and passion that flows like water through our lives and our business. We feel richly blessed to share the bounty of the land with you!

Flow like water and shine like the rising sun!

Doc Tom& Sue Roskos


Farm & Ranch Living Magazine - Featured Family Farm

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