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Meet the Vet

Dr. Tom Roskos, DVM




Thank you for visiting our website! My name is Dr. Tom Roskos, but my client friends call me Doc Tom. I am a Doctor of Veterinary Medicine, and owner of Flowing River Farm. I was first inspired to become a veterinarian after taking my sick cat, Fritzie, to Dr. Paul Dettloff when I was in 5th grade. I was very impressed with his ability to make Fritzie feel better, and decided then-and-there to focus my education on becoming a vet. I went on to complete my D.V.M degree at the University of Illinois. 

After receiving my degree, I returned to my family's farm in Arcadia, WI and started a private large-animal vet practice in 1983. My veterinary career has opened the doors to many barns in Buffalo and Trempealeau County, where I tend to cattle, sheep, and goats. I frequently administer medicine to treat ill animals and work with farmers to develop preventative health options through proper animal nutrition and animal husbandry. Due to the regional support of my practice, and the growth of our two new business ventures,  I am no longer accepting new customers.

I started using organic treatments in my practice after a number of my customers switched their farm operations to become certified organic. I have come to fully support organic treatments and farming practices because of my experiences with how well they work. These organic practices are based on healthy soils and crops, which produce foods and feeds that are nutritionally rich. These nutrients then contribute to better health and stronger immune systems for the animals I treat. I have also become very interested in soils and farming biologically, which led to much of our cropland becoming certified organic in 2011.

I greatly appreciate your business and look forward to sharing our products and knowledge with you.

Doc Tom