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Meet the Team

Sue ~ My mission statement is Peace, Love, Joy and to package that feeling and send it around the world. I step aside and let the great God-source that is the flowing river of life move through me. I happen to embrace agriculture, nature, health, healing, and can see goodness in all people. I feel like I'm the richest luckiest most blessed person in the world for being able to have such fabulous people in our lives. My heart sings in a choir of soul-fire that radiates out in our businesses farms and lives. I love to learn and develop my ability to see every side to all situations. I am dedicated to providing a positive place of employment for our team and an attitude of gratitude as I float through life. It's with heartfelt gratitude that I express my appreciation for all the people that are considering being part of our Flowing River Farm Family with each purchase. Fluidity, harmony, abundance, peace, love, joy.

Doc Tom ~ Doc is always patient, kind, pleasant, and is scientific minded. He's been in private practice large animal veterinary medicine in western Wisconsin for over 30 years. We work side-by-side on vet route. As our other businesses have expanded, he is not seeking new customers. He supports conventional, natural, and organic ways of farming. Tom is very passionate about soils and fertility of the land. He started another business, Trap Shack Company, and is still very actively involved in this other home-based business. He is very actively involved in all the behind-the-scenes things that goes on for our websites and works in the office. Tom is genuine, sincere, honest, and infinitely patient with his young son and I as we are bringing new ideas and unleashing creativity. He greatly value's oldest son Greg's talents and is thrilled that we are all working together in a family environment that's promoting agriculture. 

Hawken ~ Doc Tom and I have a son in elementary school. Hawken loves to come up with new ideas, is very creative, sketches out our business plan, and enjoys profit analysis. He is always coming up with technology-based ideas to make things easier. He enjoys caring for animals on our farm and also assists on vet route with his dad and I. He looks forward to continuing keeping the farms going as he finishes his education. He is a great leader and embraces our love of learning and being passionate about living. 

Greg ~ Is oldest son and has been one of my greatest mentors with all the growth and development. He kindly held our hand as he led us through moving from a regular farming operation into the business world. He is a self-taught webmaster and designer. He has a master’s degree in Organizational Development. He keeps me supplied with Inc. and Entrepreneur magazines and all the latest up-and-coming ideas. He is always genuinely kind, patient, and makes being a parent really easy as we've moved into working together all as a big family. Having Greg be part of team is one of the highlights of my entire life thus far. 

 -Sue Roskos-